Pipe Fittings Offshore Supply

During the appraisal drilling operation carried out in 2013 by the ENSCO 5006 semi-submersible platform on behalf of NOBLE ENERGY at the Aphrodite field in Block 12 of Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone (EEZ), NAVKRATIS had supported a leading offshore repair company from UK which conducted some a/c & refrigeration works on the ENSCO 5006 platform by supplying various pipes, valves & other fittings.

Main Benefits Using The Greenoil System Instead Of The Traditional Separator:

–   Low operational cost, gives you short return on investment within same budget year.
–   Low maintenance and less man hours, crew can concentrate on other business!
–   Cleaner oil; keeps you engine in good and healthy condition and extend the oil life time!
–   Good working environmental, maintenance without use of tool, oil spill and no oil contact!
–   Less energy consumption and no sludge production; gives you a greener environmentally footprint!
–   Less space and installation requirements; benefits your compact engine rooms!