Fuel Oil Tanks Level System

Navkratis with the collaboration of Liquid Level Systems ( a UK based company, specialists in tank content measurement and control) successfully completed the installation and commissioning of a Tank Level system for all Fuel oil tanks on board a cruise vessel.

The process:

Our technical team undertook to collect all necessary FO tanks specifications from the vessel, elaborate and forward this info to LLS’s specialists in order to propose an integrated technical solution for a reliable system for tank level measuring.

The ship’s old tank sounding system was considered outdated and therefore we proposed to the a complete new system that includes liquid level pressure transmitters, installation accessories for the sensors and touch screen panel/pc with pre-installed software.

Installation of the transmitters was carried out by ship’s crew with the supervision of Navkratis according to maker’s instructions, during the normal service period of the vessel at Piraeus, Greece.

Sensor’s cables were also installed connecting all sensors through junction boxes to the main panel/PC by ship’s electrician according to maker’s instructions and Navkratis supervision.

The commissioning of the tank level measuring system was carried out by Navkratis with satisfactory results and the system was delivered to ship fully operational with no remarks.