Filter System for Main Engine Lube Oil Separation

A Cyprus customer purchased and installed 2 x  GreenOil filter system type WP1-B2-400 for the LO separation of the 2 x DAIHATSU 2500 KW main engines on board a bulk carrier aiming to solve several challenges with regards to the condensation of water and keeping soot and insolubles on low level. GreenOil system was bought in the beginning of 2019 and C/E already after one month of operation saw the benefits of our filter  solution, resulting in  another four  sister vessels to be equipped with the GreenOil filtration unit.

Main benefits using the GreenOil system instead of the traditional separator:

–   Low operational cost, gives you short return on investment within same budget year.
–   Low maintenance and less man hours, crew can concentrate on other business!
–   Cleaner oil; keeps you engine in good and healthy condition and extend the oil life time!
–   Good working environmental, maintenance without use of tool, oil spill and no oil contact!
–   Less energy consumption and no sludge production; gives you a greener environmentally footprint!
–   Less space and installation requirements; benefits your compact engine rooms!