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Plate Heat Exchangers

Tranter International AB is a global manufacturer of gasketed and welded plate heat exchangers providing for more than 85 years heat transfer products and solutions for marine, offshore, HVAC and industrial applications around the world. Primary mission is to help clients to achieve the optimum solution with regard to performance efficiency, payback and energy conservation!

Tranter has service centres located worldwide, and are ready to assist with OEM plates, gaskets, assembled plate packs, cleaning services and replacement units to get your vessel back at optimum performance. With Tranter authorized service, you can always be sure that you get the right gaskets, the right plates with our OEM guarantee and expert service.

Tranter is able to supply gaskets and plates and perform service almost on all models and brands ( i.e. Alfa Laval, APV, Reheat, Sondex , Hisaka, Swep etc ) of plate heat exchangers. The service can be made in their service centres or directly on your vessel. They offer tailor-made solutions adapted to your needs.

Offered services:
  • Hydraulic tightening
  • Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) Systems
  • Cleaning of plates in chemical baths
  • Reconditioning
  • Removal of old gaskets
  • Keep stock of spare parts customized for you
  • Inspections
  • Regasketing
  • Refurbishment
Quality all the way

At Tranter they enlist cutting-edge technology in the manufacturing processes. Raw materials are subject to rigorous quality specifications. Exact measurements and metallurgical analyses are performed in accordance with their established Total Quality Management System. Fully-automated plate presses ensure consistent high quality and plate uniformity time after time. After assembly each plate heat exchanger is tested, and the results are incorporated into a data bank. Before packing and shipping, a final check is always carried out at TRANTER’s factory plants. Nothing is left to chance!

Our experts will guide you to the right solution

TRANTER’s marine program encompasses PHE that fulfil any capacity requirement. Their patented Ultraflex design means that they can closely match precise heat exchanger requirements with just a few plate designs. Plates are provided in stainless steel, and titanium as standard, but are also available in other materials. Also TRANTER can offer frames constructed from aluminium etc. when it is important to keep the weight low.

Ultraflex plates (GX)

TRANTER’s unique, patented Ultraflex plate design features two angles for each plate size. The plates are available with a herringbone pattern with either an acute or obtuse angle, making it possible to achieve six combinations of channels. An obtuse angle (high-theta plate) gives high resistance, and an acute angle (low-theta plate) a low pressure drop. This allows our heat exchangers to be optimized for the characteristics of each individual application. If you have different flow rates in the primary and secondary circuits, your plate heat exchangers can be designed with asymmetrical channels for maximum heat transfer efficiency and economy.

Tank Cargo Heating Increase efficiency and reduce installation cost with Platecoil ®

Tranter manufacture tailor made PLATECOIL solutions for any cargo and tank design. PLATECOIL follow all major class society requirements and are made in materials such as carbon and stainless steel, titanium or other special alloys.

Conventional marine cargo heating systems are known to be expensive and time consuming to fabricate, install as well as very energy inefficient. With Tranter PLATECOIL installed you will reduce the total cost of installation, the heating footprint and installed total weight. It is also easy to access for cleaning and maintenance. The response time in temperature variances is superior compared to conventional pipe coil. PLATECOIL installations reduce the energy consumption by adapting a higher heat transfer efficiency compared to pipe coil. The overall heating media holdup volume will be reduced by using PLATECOIL.

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