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Marine Steam Plants, GCU and Waste Heat Recovery Economizers

SAACKE GmbH is one of the leading Boiler | Burner manufacturers globally with almost a century of experience in firing technology!

History began in 1931 in Bremen, Germany when established. Family-owned Company originally started as a burner maker now in its 4th generation of ownership. SAACKE is a pioneer in many combustion technologies in industrial applications such as rotary cap atomizing burners. SAACKE burners were the first to burn coal dust and the innovation has always kept SAACKE at the forefront of the industry; setting standards for others to come. SAACKE burners are still designed and assembled in the original workshop in Germany and there are thousands of delivered units already in operation in industrial facilities, infrastructural facilities, seagoing vessels and offshore assets.

In 1999 the company expanded the portfolio into the shipping business by purchasing the Croatian boiler manufacturer TPK from Zagreb and in 2001 by purchasing and incorporating boiler production facility VKKMB from Kiel, Germany in order to utilize the resources and experience of these two boiler makers in delivering burner and boiler packages to the new buildings in European shipyards.

In the mid-2000s when the shipbuilding shifted to the East; the company increased its presence in the new building hubs in China, Korea and Japan. And in 2009 the manufacturing facility in Qingdao was set up to respond to the increasing demand from the Chinese and Far-East yards. Since 2012 the entire boiler production has been shifted to China where SAACKE is maintaining a fair market share. The company has been working to expand their services range and customer distribution channels and capacities ever since. Kiel remains the main design center and the Zagreb facility has been repurposed for internal needs for burner part manufacturing and assembly as well as fabrication of the components for boiler repairs.

Also, SAACKE is the inventor of the Gas Combustion Unit technology, for LNG carriers. As a specialist in combustion systems for seagoing vessels, SAACKE makes it possible with the GCU to transport liquefied natural gas (LNG) safely and reliably at sea.

Strategic steps were made in 2022 when Scandinavian Boiler Services (SBS) has been fully merged and incorporated into the SAACKE group and now can jointly offer a full scope of burner and burner repair of all brands, conditions and ages.

SBS was established back in 1995 in Florida as a US-based company to serve the local fleet of cruise liners and tankers. The company has since expanded to various locations around the globe in Denmark, Singapore, Croatia Vietnam and China. SBS expertise has been recognized by many ship owners and ship managers over the years. As an experienced and reliable provider of comprehensive care for burners of all brands and types, SBS has been awarded by many to be the exclusive provider of boiler & burner automation services for their vessels.

SAACKE as a long-time OEM and SBS as a reputable boiler and burner service provider have joined forces for providing optimal coverage with boiler repair and burner services in all major shipping hubs across the world.

SAACKE-SBS by combining each other’s vast experience, clientele and global coverage aims to provide to the shipping industry reliable repair and retrofit services as well as to supply the highest quality materials and spares for almost any make of boilers and burners for many years to come.

In-house designed and produced equipment





Boiler Repairs

Inspection and Repair of all types and makes of boilers

All works and materials used are class approved

Boiler tubes production

Boiler preparation for annual survey

Boiler 5-year special survey preparation


Production of Boiler Control Panels for
all type of burners and manufacturers

Boiler & Burner Management System UNISAB II Retrofit

Boiler & Burner Management System – MADIC Retrofit

Evaluating & Designing project solutions
for retrofit or upgrade of the boiler

system up to 3 burners per boiler.

Boiler MGO modification

Spare Parts

SAACKE – SBS offers most parts for any make of burners, e.g. electrical components and control panels. For boilers, e.g. tubes with extended heating surface, gaskets, and valves. It is also worth mentioning that SAACKE – SBS provides both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) parts and tailor-made solutions designed and produced by SAACKE – SBS or their broad network of manufacturing sub-suppliers.

Why choose SAACKE - SBS ?

Engineering, construction, manufacturing, support and service of marine systems are in the best hands at SAACKE, thanks to comprehensive know-how for standard applications and individual projects. Our customers appreciate not only the extreme reliability and very high availability of all the components, but also the outstanding efficiency and eco-friendly operation. And that over the renowned long service life.

For conversions of existing plants, customers can count on the know-how, the personal consultation and customized solutions from SAACKE. Experienced teams carry out a detailed assessment of the plant environment before the start of the engineering work. It forms the basis for balanced dimensioning of all the components. Standard components or plants are integrated into the existing system or – if necessary – alternative possibilities are developed.

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