New Generation of Electric Heaters by Farad SA

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FARAD SA has recently introduced to the market the new generation of marine electric heaters for Fuel Oil, Lube Oil & Water that include the below upgraded features:

  • New ceramic heating elements.
  • PT100 Sensor mounted on a socket (BSP ½”) on the outlet nozzle.
  • PT100 connected on a marine type temperature controller.
  • Safety thermostat (Marine type – Danfoss KPS) mounted inside the heater under the outlet nozzle.
  • Pump interlock function as standard.
  • The heater can be operated by viscosity signal (4-20mA) prepared by shipyard (as optional).

Farad Electric Heaters are available to work with high viscosity crude oils as well as lubrication oils and water when there is no other heating medium available. The EH series heat exchangers are primarily used as booster/ auxiliary oil or water heaters in shipping industry. The flexible design and their wide heat range (from 9 kW to 243kW) makes them well suited for any application where backup or booster heating is required or where electric power is the cheapest or the only available power source.

Press here to view the product brochure of FARAD’s electric heaters.