Marine Split A/C Unit for Vessels’ Bridge

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A new product – MARINE TYPE SPLIT AIR CONDITION UNIT FOR VESSELS’ BRIDGE – has been designed / developed by our principal PSYCTOTHERM in Greece. The new unit is compact and special for marine applications, and has the following main advantages:

  • The electric system has no electronic parts and is specially designed for the ship power supply (60Hz, 220/440V)with high resistance to voltage fluctuations.
  • The dimensions are compact in order to easily fit to the wheel house of the ship.
  • The external unit is designed in order to operate on a sea breeze environment. The condenser coil has a special anti-corrosion coating. The external unit has no electronic parts and the electric parts and the compressor are mounted on a special chamber of the unit.
  • The compressor is on the outdoor unit, in order to reduce the noise. Also, on the indoor unit a low noise plug fan is used.

Using a marine specialized package air condition solution, leads to increased performance and efficiency, larger lifetime of the unit with less maintenance and faults compared to the residential air condition units.

The technical datasheet of this new product can be downloaded here.