Appointment of Ionas Koulendros at ESSF’s Sub-Group on Research and Innovation

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A big CONGRATS to NAVKRATIS’ Technical Director Ionas Koulendros, for being invited by the DG Mobility and Transport (Unit D1 – Maritime transport and logistics) of the European Commission to participate, as the Senior Researcher on Marine Technology of the Non-Profit Organization “Maritime Institute of Eastern Mediterranean” ( ), at the Sub-Group on Research and Innovation that is established under the European Sustainable Shipping Forum (ESSF).

The main objectives for the sub-group on research and innovation are as follows:

  • Reviewing existing and new technology options and solutions for the reduction of shipping emissions in view of the regulatory requirements, but also with a long-term perspective towards zero emission and pollution ships.
  • Contributing to Strategic Research and Innovation Agendas with the aim to set research, innovation and deployment priorities in support of the Sustainable Waterborne Transport Toolbox.